Boosting capital through our CSR strategy for our customers

Our "Upgreen your Business" strategy brings all of our commitments to support our tenants in their approach of sustainable development and to offer them a good context to their ambitions in the matter. Reinforced by these initial successes, CeGeREAL's ambitions have been reaffirmed in 2017, there are available in our 2017 CSR report.

Cegereal's objectives are part of a long-term logic in line with the French objectives: the reduction of GHG emissions by 54% in 2028; the reduction of energy consumption from 40% to 2030 and a use of 32% to renewable energies to 2030.

More information can be read in our 2017 CSR report.

Ranked 2nd at the European level by the GRESB index in the office buildings sector 

Named Sector Leader in GRESB’s  “listed office property companies  in Europe” category

Cegereal Environmental Policy