million euros net of tax (Valorisation at 12/31/2019)

77.4% (1)
occupancy rate (at 12/31/2019)
(1) The latest signatures on the Europlaza tower bring the occupancy rate to 88.6%.

6.3 (2)
years of WALT (at 12/31/2019)
(2) The latest signatures on the Europlaza tower bring the weighted average residual duration of 2019 leases to 8 years.

The district

  • First European business hub
  • 3.8 million m² of offices
  • 185 000 employees and 2 500 enterprises
  • a strategic 564-hectare zone to the west of Paris

Surrounded by new building work and urban development projects designed to combine living spaces, workspaces and services, the Europlaza tower lies at the heart of a dynamic and buoyant environment.

The Building

Ce complexe comprend deux bâtiments de 31 et 4 étages. Auparavant baptisé Tour Septentrion, il datait de 1972. Sa restructuration, en 1998-1999, reste l’une des plus importantes opérations de ce type sur les tours de La Défense. Les deux immeubles ont totalement fait peau neuve et bénéficient désormais d’un design et de prestations ultra-modernes. CeGeREAL les a acquis en 1999. En raison de leur grande qualité, ils ont toujours été presque entièrement loués depuis cette date.

First class amenities

The premises are at the latest standards of safety and comfort

  • landscaped garden of some 3,300sqm
  • Private parking for 722 cars
  • An auditorium remodeled in 2018 that can hold up to 160 people
  • A shared restaurant designed by Alberto Pinto
  • A cafeteria bathed in light which pours through its new glazing
  • Luxury, modular rooms for private lunches
  • A large fitness facility entirely remodeled in 2018, dedicated to sport and wellness
  • A facility manager and two technicians respond to tenants’ everyday comments and problems

47 131
m² of office area

2 190
m² of archive area

parking spaces