A selective, long-term policy

Cegereal is keen to build relationships of trust with the first-class tenants that occupy its large properties.

Its objective: to secure income and deliver sustainable yields. Cegereal has a special relationship with a partner that handles its asset management requirements.

The company, Northwood Asset Management, is both an asset manager and its majority shareholder.

A leasing policy focused on quality

Tenant selection is made from among companies of national and international standing whose financial strength, sustainability and credibility are clearly proven. Thus, 97% of them receive the highest rating from Dun & Bradstreet in financial terms. This selectivity reduces the risk of unpaid rents (0% since company's creation).

Long-term commercial leases

Wherever possible, Cegereal prefers to sign long-term commercial leases (6 or 9 years). These leases generally include rent indexation criteria. The leases also make provision for the transfer to the tenant of all the building’s operating and maintenance costs, in addition to the taxes incurred by the property assets and most repair costs.