Backed by major institutional groups, Cegereal has set up a governance structure which provides an optimal monitoring of the interests of all its shareholders. The objective is to offer the security of sustainable growth over the long term, achieved by managing high quality assets, employing the best expertise in the marketplace, and optimizing risk management, in accordance with our commitments to transparency and independence.

Governance structure

In compliance with the AFEP MEDEF corporate governance code for listed companies of December 2008, (updated in April 2010), Cegereal’s governance is provided at three levels: the Board of Directors, its three committees and a CEO.

This structure complies with the governance rules and recommandations enacted by the AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers français).

Cegereal’s statutes and internal rules are available through the links down below.

Real Estate Investment Trust

Cegereal SA has elected for the preferential tax treatment granted to listed real estate investment companies (Sociétés d’Investissement Immobilières Cotées - SIICs) in accordance with Article 208 C of the French Tax Code (Code général des impôts). This election took effect on April 1, 2006. Prothin SAS also benefits from this preferential tax treatment.

The Amending French Finance Act for 2006 stipulates that companies may not benefit from preferential tax treatment as an SIIC if 60% or more of their capital or voting rights are held by one or several persons acting in concert within the meaning of Article L.233-10 of the French Commercial Code (Code de commerce).