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Consult information concerning Cegereal on the NYSE Euronext site.

Stock market profile

Name : Cegereal SA 
NYSE : Euronext Paris 
ISIN code : FR0010309096 

LEI code : 969500EQZGVHQZQE212
Mnemo : CGR 
Type : Eurolist Compartment B
ICB Classification : Sector 8670, Real Estate Investment Trusts
Indexes : CAC all shares, IEIF SIIC France, CAC Financials, CAC RE Inv. Trusts and Next 150
Eligibility : SRD
Securities service : BNPP Securities Services

Being a shareholder of CeGeREAL

Cegereal shares are listed on NYSE Euronext Paris Compartment B (ISIN FR0010309096).
They take the form of bearer shares, registered shares, or intermediary registered shares.

Bearer shares
Bearer shares are acquired through a securities account managed by a third party financial intermediary designated by the shareholder, such as a bank, on-line broker, securities house, or asset manager.
The identity of the holder of a bearer share is unknown to Cegereal.

Registered shares
These shares are registered, at the shareholder’s request, with Cegereal whose depositary agent is BNPP Securities Services.
One benefit for registered shareholders is to receive an invitation to General Meetings.

There are two types of registered shares:

  • direct registered shares: shares are registered and kept on the books of Cegereal, which entrusts their management to BNPP Securities Services.
    Direct registered shares are exempt from custodian fees. Your contact person for General Meetings: BNPP Securities Services.
  • intermediary registered shares : shares are registered on the books of Cegereal (which entrusts their management to BNPP Securities Services) but remain held by the financial intermediary of the shareholder. Your contact person for General Meetings: your financial intermediary.


You wish to acquire direct registered shares, or you hold bearer shares and wish to convert them into direct registered shares, contact the transfer agent of Cegereal:

By post : BNPP Securities Services, Grands Moulins de Pantin, 9 rue du Débarcadère 93761 Pantin Cedex.
By telephone : +33 (0)1 42 98 10 00

You hold intermediary registered shares and wish to convert them to direct registered shares : contact your financial intermediary.