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SIIC (REIT) listed real estate investment company on NYSE Euronext Paris since 2006 - Compartment B.

Cegereal ownership structure

Cegereal is owned by leading international investors, who ensure the Company’s financial robustness, and a panel of private and institutional shareholders.


CeGeREAL’s positioning is to offer a high yield via a sustained distribution policy. The company plans to distribute most of the revenue generated to its shareholders each year, if its results so permit.

Dividends per share (in €)

SIIC / REIT regime

With its REIT-style tax structure (SIIC), CeGeREAL is exempt from corporate income tax on profits from its real estate activities. In exchange, the Company is required to distribute 95% of profits generated by its property rental activities and 60% of the capital gains realized on its property sales.