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SIIC (REIT) listed real estate investment company on NYSE Euronext Paris since 2006 - Compartment B.

Cegereal ownership structure

Cegereal is owned by leading international investors, who ensure the Company’s financial robustness, and a panel of private and institutional shareholders.


CeGeREAL’s positioning is to offer a high yield via a sustained distribution policy. The company plans to distribute most of the revenue generated to its shareholders each year, if its results so permit.

Dividends distribution since IPO

From 2009 until 2014, significant lease renewals as well as building remodels took place. The return on this extensive investment has materialised as early as 2015.

SIIC / REIT regime

With its REIT-style tax structure (SIIC), CeGeREAL is exempt from corporate income tax on profits from its real estate activities. In exchange, the Company is required to distribute 95% of profits generated by its property rental activities and 60% of the capital gains realized on its property sales.