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Enhancing employee well-being and skills

Cegereal is a property company that operates on a human scale.  Enhancing employee well-being and skills has been a core value since the Company’s creation. In 2015, for example, Company employees received 100 hours of training. In addition, performance reviews are held every six months to maintain an open dialogue about strategy between management and employees. Detailed information concerning Cegereal's employee policies is presented in the section entitled "Employees" of the Annual Report. 

Maintaining constant dialogue with stakeholders and empowering them to drive the CSR strategy

Geographic, economic and social impacts
One of Cegereal's CSR priorities is to optimally blend its property assets into the city and the immediate neighborhood. For this reason, the Company is committed to limiting the impact of its properties on adjacent communities, for example by participating in user organizations such as Association des Utilisateurs de La Défense (AUDE). The three properties in the portfolio are used by a total of over 6,000 employees and play an important role in enhancing their district’s business appeal.

Contractors and suppliers
Cegereal has forged strong, long-term relationships with all of its service providers. Each year, the CSR strategies implemented by its contractors and suppliers are assessed based on an analysis of their social and environmental disclosures. The assessments are followed up with discussions where necessary. We plan to give structure to this initiative in 2014, with the creation of a CSR audit questionnaire for service providers that will be updated each year.

Partnerships and corporate sponsorship
Attuned to today’s real estate industry concerns, Cegereal actively promotes best practices within the profession by engaging in sponsorship activities and participating in a variety of industry organizations, as described below.

The European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA), is a non-profit organization made up of Europe's leading listed property companies. One of its aims is to standardize reporting practices across the industry. Cegereal is an active member of the association and has sponsored the annual EPRA conference for the last three years. Its financial and CSR reports have been prepared in accordance with EPRA’s Best Practices Recommendations (BPR).

Fondation Palladio was created in 2008 under the auspices of Fondation de France, by real estate industry players who wanted to incorporate into their business strategy the economic, technological, environmental, demographic and anthropological developments that affect urban construction.
Cegereal has been an active member and patron of the foundation since 2012. Raphaël Tréguier, Cegereal’s CEO, is a member of its Society of Auditors.

Cegereal has been a member of the French industry federation Féderation des Sociétés Immobilières et Foncières Françaises (FSIF) since 2008.  The Company participates in various working groups that examine regulatory issues.

Association des Utilisateurs de La Défense (AUDE), has a membership of more than 60 major property users representing over 77% of the office and retail space in the La Défense business district. Cegereal is an engaged member, helping to come up with planning and development strategies for La Défense, while preserving its appeal.

Institut de l’Épargne Immobilière et Foncière is an independent research center that acts as a forum conducive to discussions and exchange among real estate and

investment professionals. Cegereal has been a member since 2010 and is listed on the Euronext IEIF “SIIC France” index.

Cegereal is also a member of the Urban Land Institute (ULI). The ULI is a non-profit organization that boasts more than 33,000 members across the globe from all private and public sectors relating to urban planning and real estate development. 

GRESB – The Global Real Estate Sustainable Benchmark – is an investor-driven organization committed to assessing the ESG performance of the real estate industry. More than 200 members, of which more than 58 pension funds and their subsidiaries, use the GRESB since December 2014.

Anti-corruption initiatives
Committed to fighting corruption, Cegereal has pledged to abide by the Code of Ethics and the Guide to Preventing Insider Misconduct by Executives of Listed Companies issued by the French securities regulator (AMF). These hold managers accountable for their actions and serve to protect shareholders and stakeholders against the risks of insider trading.
As a member of the FSIF, Cegereal has also pledged to uphold the Code of Ethics of SIIC Property Companies in order to guarantee the right of its shareholders and partners to equal treatment and transparent information.