Stakeholder relationships

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Involving stakeholders

Cegereal’s business partners have committed to pursuing a virtuous circle in their CSR practices through the responsible purchasing charter and questionnaire introduced in 2014.
By signing the charter, one of whose commitments is to “reduce the environmental impact of its operations”, stakeholders demonstrate their support for Cegereal’s climate strategy. The questionnaire serves to monitor their actions aimed at curbing GHG emissions. Cegereal uses it to assess and act on the greenhouse gas emissions generated indirectly by its business.


Jacques Alvirie,
Building Manager

“It’s a continuous
process, and it’s
already paying off.”

How do you incorporate Cegereal’s CSR approach into your role as Building Manager?

Cegereal has laid down an ambitious CSR policy aimed at reducing energy consumption across the entire portfolio, which is reflected in concrete measures that it is our job to implement. It’s a continuous improvement process, and it’s already paying off.
At Europlaza, we carry out quarterly meter readings on the individual units which gives us a better view of our tenants’ energy consumption. We have also ushered in closer management of the BMS as regards the use of hot water in the intercompany restaurant and parking garage lighting.

Satisfying its tenants is a matter of pride for Cegereal, how is this reflected in your work?

We carry out quarterly satisfaction surveys and have set up sustainable development committees to discuss CSR challenges with tenants.
We have also noted that well-being is central to their concerns, which is why we place great importance on the management of gyms, green spaces and restaurants.

Cegereal’s management strategy is proactively innovative. Does the same go for Yxime?

Our role does not stop at maintenance and consumption management. It also extends to the new challenges of sustainable real estate such as well-being, flexibility and integration with society. We also factor in issues such as biodiversity and waste treatment, which have pride of place in Cegereal’s CSR approach. We have cultivated indigenous plants in line with ecological studies carried out at the site. All waste generated at the tower will be sorted on-site starting in March 2018. The Europlaza lobby has been transformed and inter-tenant events will be organized to encourage spontaneous work encounters.